two new titles for embroidery & cross stitch

If you are looking to build your stitching skill set this autumn, two newly released books are here to help. It’s not often that a book will strike the right balance between tutorial, step-by-step guide, and inspiration yet both titles I review today do. The first, A Year of Embroidery by Yumiko Higuichi provides inspiration throughout the seasons. Improper Cross-Stitch by Haley Pierson-Cox finds the right combination of snark, tradition, and cats to make you want to pick up your needle and embroidery floss.

Book Cover - YearofEmbroideryA Year of Embroidery
A Month-to-Month Collection of Motifs for Seasonal Stitching

by Yumiko Higuchi
Roost Books

Artist Yumiko Higuichi’s newest collection, A Year of Embroidery: A Month-to-Month Collection of Motifs for Seasonal Stitching is full of beautiful inspiration. The book begins with a stunning photo gallery highlighting each motif. Many are also shown in different applications, for example as embellishments to accessories such as a hat or a bag. In addition, several designs appear in two different forms, in both monochrome and full colour.

It also includes a tutorial review of basic stitches and key techniques making it ideal for both beginners and advanced embroiderers alike. Each motif design includes an outline for tracing and includes Higuichi’s inspiration as well as suggested colour placement and stitches. This book is special because the choice for how to utilize the designs is left to the embroiderer. This ensures that each reader will make the designs unique and their own. If stuck for ideas, the photo gallery provides inspiration from small zakka crafts, framed canvases, or as accent on an accessory.

This is a beautiful collection that embroiderers can refer to throughout the year.

BookCover-ImproperCrossStitchImproper Cross-Stitch35+ Properly Naughty Patterns
by Haley Pierson-Cox
St. Martin’s Press

Improper Cross-Stitch brings fun, whim, and a bit of modern snark to a traditional craft. The beginning covers basics of the tools and techniques important for successful cross stitch projects, making it an ideal gift for beginners. The tutorial section includes tips and tricks that advanced stitchers will appreciate.

The designs range from mild “cat lady for life” to the ironic “wine and cats” to the nerdy “Squad Goals” and more. This title provides a starting point for unique and personal stitching through the inclusion of different alphabet designs, tips for design success, and details on finishing the pieces for display.

This is a well thought out, delightful, and inspiring book for cross-stitch.

I received an eARC of these titles from NetGalley in exchange for a review. The FTC wants you to know.

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