stories and stitches

I love to read while I knit and crochet. Technology has made it much easier to balance a project and an ebook. Sometimes, however, I want someone to tell me a story while I focus on my stitches. For a long time I struggled with audiobooks, it felt like I was cheating if my eyes didn’t read the text. A story where a character read tales while others spun made me feel I was neglecting a longstanding tradition!

smart phone with headphonesMany audiobooks come my way through my public library. These are almost always a lesson in patience as I wait for holds to be fulfilled. Over the years, I’ve found I enjoy longer works while working on a big project–trilogies are a delight. The consistency helps me push through. While the software has improved, I wish the application I use, Overdrive, would let me set a timer by chapter not only by traditional countdown.

However, while working on swatches or accessories, I most enjoy listening to short fiction. Current favourites include those in the Escape Artists family: Escape Pod, PodCastle, Cast of Wonders, as well as Clarkesworld Magazine and LeVar Burton Reads. I’ll often match the length of a podcast to how long I have available to work. This is also where I often fall behind, I’m on average 3 months behind current episodes.

There are two other podcasts I enjoy for their insight to their chosen topics. First is YarnStories, a podcast telling the tales behind our favourite fibers by Miriam Felton (Patreon). I also adore BBC Radio 4 – The Food Programme, investigating every aspect of the food we eat.

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