Artist statement coming soon.

(Once I figure out how to write it.)


My preference is to work with natural and biodegradable materials.

However, I will use (or reuse) something that would otherwise go into a landfill.

Many years ago, when I thought more to budget than sense, I purchased supplies I would not choose today.

I can’t simply toss them away, that would add to the problem I’m trying to avoid.

Therefore, you may find products made with materials such as plastic, acrylic, polyester, and nylon in addition to natural ones such as wood, wool, cotton, and silk. This list is not exhaustive and additional materials not listed here may be used.

All stuffed items (e.g. cat toys, quilts, etc) are filled with new materials.

All products’ material composition will be disclosed in the product listing.

My hope is that all items I create will be mended as needed, transformed into new creations when appropriate, and kept from becoming waste for as long as possible.

last updated: 15 February 2022