by weights and measures

One of my favourite ways to design is by the weight of yarn I have. I’ll work a design until half the yarn remains then finish it off. However, my scale wears other hats and is used in the kitchen when I bake and has helped weigh foster kittens. I think the heftier resident cats have fallen asleep on it because while working on a design within specific yardage requirements a few weeks ago, I noticed a new phenomenon — the weight would fluctuate while the ball of yarn rested on my scale. I’m not a physicist, but even I know that’s not right!

My new scale arrived and I’m excited. It works. It’s smaller so it can live in my project bag when not in use. There’s a cover to protect it from accidental feline weighing. And it measures to a greater degree of precision than my old scale — making it easier to use up every last hundredth of a gram of yarn!

yarn & scale

Here are some links and resources for weighing and measuring your yarn.

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