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knitty blog logoThe internet is a vast place full of interesting articles and notices of events. However, it’s often a loud and tangled place. Or sometimes a link is amplified in one social media channel and never seen in others. Each week I comb what I can of the internet and post to the Knitty blog for their “What’s What Wednesdays” series. These posts feature upcoming events, innovations, and whatever captured my attention that week.

Here are three recent links I found fascinating:

  • When I first saw the results of Sarah Spencer’s hacked knitting machine, I knew that I needed to include it! Now I find myself refreshing Craigslist and sweet talking my budget, I want to hack a knitting machine!
  • This summer, Kristin Nicholas gave a talk at Google about techniques found in her recent book Crafting a Patterned Home.
  • Student Ann Cuinu developed a tartan for those suffering from vision loss. She accomplished this with various stitch patterns, buttons, and other techniques to simulate the unique textured fabric.
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