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The third and final hat in my trio of designs for the December Artisan Knit Crate is Fascicles.

I wanted to create a warm hat that showed off the deep colours of the hand-dyed yarn. In order to do that, I played with a few stranded techniques and found that by wrapping different clusters of stitches, it evoked clusters of pine needles.

I grew up very near to the Pine Barrens of Long Island and there are special Dwarf Pitch Pines that grow there. The needles of these trees are found in bundles of three which are known as a fascicle.

Fascicles hat

When out running or hiking in the winter I like a hat with an extra long brim that I can fold over and help make sure that my ears stay covered. If that’s not your style, feel free to knit a shorter brim. It uses a yarn-over tubular cast-on to create a beautiful edge for the 1×1 ribbing.

Fascicles hat

Fascicles, Parallu, Tres SpectraFascicles is available as an individual pattern download at Ravelry.


Please note there is errata for this pattern for the yarn-over tubular cast-on.

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Tres Spectra

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