notebook love

I’m working on the finishing touches for a few designs that I began a year ago. I’ve written before about how indispensable a notebook is. I want to reiterate that. It doesn’t matter if you use an inexpensive composition book, or a fancy $50 notebook, or something inbetween.

It matters that you use something.

knitting notebook

And use it constantly. If you don’t that’s ok too, but if you don’t write it down you probably won’t ever be able to find that information again.

You don’t have to “bullet journal perfectly”.
You don’t have to use a certain pen or type of notebook.

2 notebooks on a wooden park bench with reading glasses

You do need to use the notebook.

  • Write down what you need to do.
  • Write down what you did.
  • Write down reference notes.
  • Write down inspiration.


stack of rhodia & clairefontaine notebooks

Over the many years I’ve spent with a notebook, I’ve learned that in the act of getting marks down on the page, that’s when the work happens.

A few notebooks are now in the shop.

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