learn. donate. help.

First things first: Black lives matter.

Looking to learn? I found How to be an Antiracist (library availability) as well as Me and White Supremacy (library availability) two good places to start. I’m currently reading The Torture Letters (library availability) and earlier today was alerted to this Map and Reflection Guide.

Looking to donate? Please, I ask if you can to focus on local organizations. My experience is that during national/global events large non-profits receive funds while small groups needs are neglected. The pandemic has decimated nonprofit funding. My dollars are going to organizations that provide mental health services (such as Cluster). There are also bail funds and legal defense funds.

Looking for more ways to help? VOTE. If you are going to a protest, wear a mask as the global health pandemic of Covid-19 hasn’t magically disappeared.

Still here? If you choose to purchase one of my patterns either directly from this site or Ravelry, thank you. Not only do I do a happy dance (every. single. time.), it allows me to increase my budget and invest back in the fiber arts community. BIOPOC in Fiber is an incredible resource I rely on as I work to make positive change.

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