in progress (11 june 2020)

Instead of posting to social media and becoming distracted, I hope to periodically write about what I’m working on. I’ve ignored web stats for years, so it should solve that issue. I don’t know yet if they’ll all be long posts with multiple pictures like this one, or a short one image post — similar to current social media. Time will tell.

Project 1 — Anzula Swatches

I’m working with two warm-weather friendly yarns, Vera and Breeze. Both yarns are a blend of smooth silk (65%) and cool linen (35%). Vera is a 4-ply cabled sport-weight yarn while Breeze is a 2-ply lace-weight.

Anzula Vera garter stitch swatch in progress sitting on wooden bench and open notebook
Vera shown in colorway Nimbus.

I was working with Breeze last night while watching TV and the swatches are having fun! I’ve been been thinking about different shawl shapes, so I’m not surprised I wasn’t able to crochet a rectangle!

Anzula Breeze swatches on wooden desk, mix of knit and crochet. a crochet swatch with post-st cable in foreground. mug of tea also shown.
Breeze shown in colourway Parakeet.

Project 2 — Oink Dapper Designs

I have two designs in Oink Dapper, one a hat with twisted stitches and the other a poncho-type item that begins with casting on only 3 stitches—for all sizes. Yesterday I finished the complete draft of the pattern. I need to think on a few better ways to word a few parts, then it’s off to the tech editor. I’m trying to get this done by the end of the month, but we’ll see what happens. I’ve graded it for chest measurements of 30 – 64 in (76 – 162.5 cm).

Anzula Dapper in Random Carp

Project 3 — Gifts

I find my patterns are easier to write when I’m also working on someone else’s design. I’ve been using some of my extra time at home to work on gifts.

Little ones joined the families of several friends as the pandemic spiked. I can’t go hug but I can send one. This first blanket is in Lion Brand LB Collection Superwash Merino. The pattern is Swirly Blanket by Beth Graham. I’m working 7 rounds of each colour and alternating with charcoal. I’m slow on this as a certain cat likes to visit my lap whenever I try to work on it.

Swirly Blanket progress approximately 1/4 of the blanket circle shown laid out on wooden desk.

I also have a friend who is an awesome mom to an amazing trans teen. I’m making a Through the Darkness Cowl by Rachy Newin in Oink Pigments Dapper, using Cloud Surfing and Cotton Candy Clouds. It’s my small way to give a social distance hug.

Oink Pigments Dapper skeins in Cloud Surfing and Cotton Candy Clouds
Oink Pigments Dapper in Cloud Surfing and Cotton Candy Clouds

Additional Projects

The pattern for my LGF Suris vest pattern, Transposon. is back on my desk for intensive editing, the sample debuted way back in June 2018! I’ll turn to it soon. Mendelian was released in February of this year and you can pick up a PDF copy of the pattern at Ravelery or directly from my online shop.

I’m slowly putting my studio back together. In early March during our first days of sheltering in place, we realized that I needed to be in my basement studio full-time. Having my computer workspace on the main floor was convenient, but no longer practical. I was an interior wall apart from my husband’s endless conference calls, it was not good for either of us. I’ve wanted to rearrange this space for years and it was decided that now was as good a time as any. We tore out the closet, patched everything up, and repainted. It was a significant amount of work and the result is amazing, if challenging to photograph. Shadow loves this rearranged space and having me nearby.

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