Working with Anzula’s Yarns

I hope this post finds you and yours well as we begin to understand our “new normal.” We adapt. We mourn. We celebrate. We wash our hands.

While I (once again) haven’t been consistent in writing here, I’ve been working with yarn and fiber. Some days I work on designs with intricate details that are unique and make me feel brilliant and creative. On other days I curl up with the comfort of garter stitch or a granny square.

As I try to embrace the slower pace that is everything these days, I’m working on swatches to continue my Anzula Meet the Yarn posts. As our reliance for online and virtual interactions grows, these posts become more important (no pressure!). While I hope you can support your local yarn store, throughout these strange new times, Kalliope Sabrina has opened Anzula’s online store to everyone. You can find it at

In this post, I created a summary of the Meet the Yarn posts I’ve written so far. There are many more yarns in the Anzula universe. I hope to swatch them all for you soon!

MCNs – 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon blends

Swatches of Anzula Cloud

Cloud, swatches shown in color Charcoal. 2-ply Light Fingering weight. 114g / 575yd (526m)

Swatches of Anzula Squishy

Squishy, swatches shown in color Aqua. 3-ply Fingering weight. 114g / 385yd (352m) and also available in 25g & 50g combinations.

Swatches of Anzula Ava

Ava, swatches shown in color Misfit. 3-ply Sport weight. 114g / 330yd (302m)

Swatches of Anzula For Better or Worsted

For Better or Worsted, swatches shown in color Keola. 4-ply Worsted weight. 114g / 200yd (183m)

Cashmere & Cashmere blends

Pile of Anzula Serenity swatches

Serenity, swatches shown in a color similar to Orchid. 4-ply Fingering weight. 100% Cashmere. 50g / 185yd (169m)

Pile of Anzula Dreamy swatches

Dreamy, swatches shown in color Dark Matter. 3-ply Fingering weight. 75% Superwash Merino, 15% Cashmere, 10% Silk. 114g / 385yd (352m)

50% Tussah Silk, 50% Superwash Merino blends

Pile of Anzula's It Could be Worsted swatches

It Could Be Worsted, swatches shown in color Nimbus. 4-ply Worsted weight. 114g / 190yd (174m)

Pile of Anzula's Luster swatches

Luster, swatches shown in color Safforn. 3-ply Fingering weight. 114g / 405yd (370m)

Pile of Anzula's Silken swatches

Silken, swatches shown in color Dany. 2-ply Fingering weight. 114g / 370yd (338m)

Sparkles – blends with Stellina

Pile of Anzula's Lunaris swatches

Lunaris, swatches shown in color Chiva. 3-ply Fingering weight. 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Sparkling Stellina. 114g / 425yd (389m)

Pile of Anzula's Nebula swatches

Nebula, swatches shown in color Dusty Rose. 3-ply Fingering weight. 86% Superwash Merino, 14% Sparkling Stellina. 114g / 400yd (366m)

Pile of Anzula's lucero swatches

Lucero, swatches shown in color Sophia. 3-ply DK weight. 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Sparkling Stellina. 50g / 250yd (229m)

Other fiber blends

Pile of Anzula's Dottie swatches

Dottie, swatches shown in color Teal. 3-ply Fingering weight. 80% Superwash Merino, 17% Acrylic, 3% Polyester. 114g / 420yd (384m)

Pile of Anzula's Katara swatches

Katara, swatches shown in color Boysenberry. 3-ply DK weight. 50% Superwash Meirno, 50% brown yak fiber. 50g / 98yd (89m)

Pile of Anzula's Gerty

Gerty, swatches shown in color Mariana. 3-ply Fingering weight. 100% Targhee Wool. 100g / 390yd (357m)

Pile of Anzula's Milkyway swatches

Milkyway, swatches shown in color Seaside. 4-ply Light Fingering weight. 80% Milk Protein, 20% Superwash Merino. 114g / 500yd (457m)

Pile of Anzula's Meridian swatches

Meridian, swatches shown in color Sexy. 4-ply Lace weight. 55% Tencel, 35% Alpaca, 10% Nylon. 114g / 811yd (742m)

Please know there are even more Anzula yarns that I’ve not yet written about! I hope this post entices you to work with Anzula’s many wonderful yarns! Looking to purchase some? Kalliope Sabrina has opened Anzula’s online store to everyone, find it at As always, thank you to the entire Anzula team for supporting this project.

Singer sewing machine on wooden table top with 13 sewn masks in front. Masks are in a rainbow of prints, all cotton fabric.
a selection of the 36 masks I’ve sewn to-date.

One other thing I’ve worked on, like many others over the past few weeks, is sewing masks. I’m focused on two local nonprofits, Cluster Community Services which, among other programs, provides mental health services and the Humane Society of Westchester at New Rochelle. I’m waiting on a delivery of elastic as I exhausted my supply of ties with the first batch of masks. In the meantime I’m preparing fabric so I can be ready to go. For this second batch I’m changing the pattern I use; I’ve found the Tom Bihn Mask pattern a great one for production sewing.

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