in progress (25 September 2020)

Instead of becoming distracted by posting to social media, I periodically write about the projects I’m working on here. Honestly, there hasn’t been much progress on existing projects since the last time I wrote. The humidity this summer was not kind to my planned work and there were too many large projects. No one wants a lapful of wool in August!

New Project – High Sierra Shawl sample for LGF Suris

When Margaret posted some yarn color combination ideas for Rosemary (Romi)’s High Sierra Shawl re-release (Ravelry link), I drooled publicly over the greens. Next thing I knew, yarn was on its way and I’d offered to knit a sample!

progress on the High Sierra Shawl sample in LGF Suris, green combo

It’s beyond a lovely design to knit, and the LGF Suris yarn is delightful.

Yes, you may see some of these photos on social media, just because I’m not posting doesn’t mean I won’t send pics to someone else!

In addition to the LGF Suris sets, there’s kits by other amazing businesses, you can check out the list on Ravelry.

Project 2 – Designs: Oink Pigments and LGF Suris

My tech editor sent me very useful feedback on the Oink Pigments poncho design. I need to sit and incorporate the changes, it’s tedious and at the moment similar in editing nature to my other work, so I’ve neglected it. I really do hope to release the poncho design by the end of October.

Once it’s complete, I’ll finally return to the Transposon vest pattern in LGF Suris Sock. My goal is to release that by the end of the year. We’ll see how I do!

Project 3 – Swatches

The Anzula swatches have been patiently waiting for a bath since June. I have no excuse other than I got bored. Now that I’m working on my overall swatch library project, my goal is to design this sort of long-term swatching program in a way that helps to prevent repetition boredom.


I’m still slogging away on gifts, a blanket isn’t very summer friendly. At the end of August I set aside the large projects and began to work on smaller items such as hats. Hopefully this will help momentum to return.

Other Projects

I upgraded the motor on the ball winder! The original one (likely from a VCR) wasn’t quite strong enough to easily pull yarn from a swift. This one is, I wound all the High Sierra yarn without any extra intervention. However it’s very loud. Right now that’s a trade off I’m willing to live with.

DIY electronic ball winder working on a skein of LGF Suris Sock in Silver

I’m planning what to knit in memory of Cat Bordhi. Her influence on my knitting is undeniable. I remember when I first discovered Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles: A Manual of Elegant Knitting Techniques and Patterns, my world expanded and was forever changed for the better.

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