unpacking from TNNA Summer 2018

TNNA Ideas - photo of two Tom Bihn Bags at CLE Airport.This year, the summer trade show for TNNA was an amazing experience for me — I still have yet to fully process all of it. I had two designs debut, focused my attention on PennyWise Consulting, and a small announcement was made. I returned home with both my bags and my brain full of new ideas.

What’s new?

This isn’t TNNA related, but it would be a good idea to mention that I made an instagram account specifically for little acorn creations, @creativeacorns. It’s a goal to post there often about my entire creative process, we’ll see how that plays out in practice. Do you like regular IG posts with detailed captions, prefer to see to quick stories, or a mix of both? Please follow @creativeacorns and let me know!

I’m excited to introduce two new designs for LGF Suris, Transposon and Mendelian. Both are knit in Suri Sock, a yarn I found delightful to work with. I hope to release the patterns very soon. Please make sure you are signed up for the newsletter to stay in the loop.

There’s several new designs in the works in collaboration with companies I’ve worked with before and a few new relationships I began at the show.

I’m really excited to get back to swatching!

Oh you wanted details about what I liked best at the show? Stay tuned. I need to get to that part of my unpacking!

Thank you for following along on this ride and I look forward to seeing what new creations evolve!

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