Using Mailing Labels to Help Organize Your Notebooks

I love recording information in my notebooks however, I don’t like to repeat myself or handwrite everything. The solution? Blending tools and technology! One of my favorite ways to make sure I record what I need and do so in an organized manner is to use mailing labels.

I use different sizes for different needs. I prefer the plain white address labels as they allow me to write without smearing ink. Tiny return address labels are great for daily check lists. Bigger labels intended for addresses and shipping can hold more information.

Example Label

I include the information I need most; this varies slightly if I’m swatching, working on a design, or knitting a project for myself. Here is an example of a label used for a swatch. They are not as detailed as my swatching worksheet; I like to keep a shorter log of the swatches I’m working on in my notebook.

Open notebook with handwritten date and a note of "swatching LGF Suris". On the page is a label with "Yarn, Needle Size, Stitch, and Stitch Count" preprinted. The information LGF Targee, 4mm, twisted rib w/traveling DNA motif, and 23 is handwritten. On top of the notebook is a swatch in progress. The yarn is a merlot color. Behind the notebook is a sheet of labels with one missing.

Labels as Varied as You

The number of printers and labels sizes results in infinite combination possibilities. I do not believe it is practical for me to create downloads you can successfully print at home. If you are interested in learning how to create this sort of label on your own, I urge you to search for tutorials based on your word processing program and configure a document for your specific needs.

Selection of blank address and shipping labels options.

The labels do create some slight bulk to the pages, so it’s important to be aware it may not close flat depending on how many labels you add!

Pre-printed Labels

If there is interest in labels that would, for example help you to record general project information, I may create a sticker set that ready for you to stick into your notebook and write down what you need. Please let me know of your interest!

I hope this quick post provides ideas on ways you can customize your notebook to best fit your needs.

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