In Progress (09 April 2021)

Glory-of-the-snow flowers

As Spring emerges and warmer weather begins to slowly become the norm, I find I’m trying to work on everything at once. This happens to me every spring. I wake up with ideas in my head and I have to force myself to put away my work and stop creating so I can sleep each night.

Swatches to Solve Problems

Since the pattern has yet to be released, it should come as no surprise I’ve struggled to finalize the Oink Pigments pattern. I knit the sample this time last year, wrote the pattern about 6 months ago, and have been editing ever since. The issue is that I knit it first for me and my body; my proportions are different than for many so I’ve been working to find a solution that stays true to how it is knit and also is as size-inclusive as possible.

two completed swatches and another in progress shown on a wooden surface. Most of the image is in black and white with the exception of the project bag which is a wasabi green.

The solution was of course swatching!

After working up many swatches, two showed me that I’m finally on the right track. So I pulled out some LGF Suris to work up a bigger swatch. This took on a life of its own and has become a likely sample for another design in a similar yet different permutation of knits and purls!

Spinning S/Z and Silk

I’m slowly working on my S/Z spinning project. I find I’m more interested in spinning some mulberry silk hankies that will plan to take a bath with a few things from my garden. I’m excited about both of these projects, it feels very good to have spinning focus again. The studio is impatiently waiting for Ikea to have a new loveseat in stock so I can use the wheel more easily. I’ve been spindling everything, something I haven’t done in many years!

Golding spindle with chain plied silk laying on a fabric project bag (gold with white blossoms). there are several silk hankies in the corner.

Gift projects and my scrap blankets are very slowly being worked up. They go in fits and starts around swatching, working on samples, and kitten snuggles. Dot loves to spend some time after lunch with me and the hexagon blanket.

Black and white cat snuggling her person who has a wool blanket of crocheted hexagons on her lap. The cat is allowing her person to rest her arm and her back and gently pet her.

There’s also frantic progress on a design commissioned for release in June. It’s been over a year since I last worked to this sort of deadline and I’m both excited and nervous.

covid-19 vaccination record card with 1st dose filled out placed on a lap with a sock toe in progress.

I received my first jab of the vaccine last week and I encourage you to sign up as soon as you are eligible. I spent my 15 minutes wait working on a sock toe. You can search for a vaccine appointment at Every state is different, NYers can also sign up We opted to go through the pharmacy network as our closest state run vaccine site is booked through late May. Please continue to mask up, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands.

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