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Books are always crossing my path. Some I stop to read and review, others I let go on. Today’s duo are two I’m happy I stopped to get to know, at first glance I wasn’t sure about either of them. The first, Wool Studio : The knit.wear Capsule Collection, features modern and sophisticated garments and my personal style is more–plain. Closer review of this title showed me greater depth in the designs. The second collection, Tickled PINK is all about a colour I detest. I’m trying to be more accepting of it–while I won’t wear it personally I can now work it up–for someone else. I urge you to look at both of these books, they may surprise you.

wool studio book cover

Wool Studio : The knit.wear Capsule Collection

by Meghan Babin
F+W Media

This is a compilation of 21 simple yet sophisticated designs for the modern woman. The featured yarns and designers combine to celebrate one of my favourite maxims, less is more. This knit.wear collection celebrates slow fashion and timeless design. The resulting patterns show that there is possibility beyond stockinette and complex lace to highlight the beauty of wool and knitted stitches. The choices of yarns and stitches cover the seasonal spectrum, making it possible for to work through all the designs to build a wardrobe that encompasses the year. While many of the designs are not to my style, Bristol Ivy’s Hyannis Port Pullover and the Avila Tee by Amanda Bell, are both toward the top of my to-knit list. This is an interesting collection with a stunning group of designers.

I received an eARC of this title from NetGalley in exchange for a review. The FTC wants you to know.

tickled pink book cover

Tickled PINK

By C.C. Almon and Dami Almon

C.C. returns with her daughter Dami in Tickled PINK, a collection of knitting designs featuring four indie dyers and eight patterns. There’s something for everyone with four different socks, a hat, shawl, cowl, and wrap. They all celebrate C.C.’s favourite colour—pink! My curiosity in this book is about how they have grown as designers since their first book, Coffee with C.C.. I was also curious what a collection around a single colour would be like.

The answer is beautiful, even if I personally would choose to celebrate other colours. The selection of yarns, colour choices within the pink spectrum, and designs are well thought and executed. Beautiful yarns by Neighborhood Fiber Company, Suburban Stitcher, Abstract Fiber, and Seven Sisters Arts when combined with the creativity of both C.C. and Dami, show the vast possibility of pink! I can’t decide between the Bashful Stripes Shawl or the Sea and Sky Wrap as my most favourite pieces in this collection. Of course I’ll knit mine in more Penny-friendly non-pink colourways.

Available digitally at ravelry and in print through JavaPurl Designs.

I received an eARC of this title from the author in exchange for a review. The FTC wants you to know.

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