knitting collection review: Coffee with C.C.

I’m powered by coffee and tea and wear hand-knit socks year-round, when C.C. aka javapurl asked if I’d be interested in reviewing her collection Coffee with C.C., I almost spilled my mug in my rush to reply, yes!

This collection of seven patterns, six socks and a shawl does not disappoint.

What do I love? Everything!

First C.C. steps you through measuring your feet. Yes, while the how-to is all over the internet and in many different books (see Better Socks Through Better Books for two I like), I’ve found I actually like this included. Why? While I’ve knitted many pairs of socks over the years when I’m knitting in a coffee shop or other public place, I’m often approached by curious individuals who want to know how I figured out how many … erhm … knits to make. It’s easier to flip to the section in my current document and point to pictures! C.C. goes one step further and also provides stitch counts for common foot sizes, a small and useful detail!

Espresso Macchiato SocksMoving into the patterns, I love that they are written for both toe-up (my personal preference) and cuff-down (many other knitters’ preferred sock knitting technique).

After beginning with a pair of plain French Vanilla Cappuccino socks, we move into fun territory.

C.C. plays with textures and colours to match fun to knit sock designs with some of her favourite coffee drinks.

I see the Espresso Macchiato Socks as a great way to liven up knitting self-striping yarn, both while knitting and when wearing. A simple and subtle stitch pattern creates a unique pair of socks.

My other favourite design in the collection is the Coffee Date Shawl.

If you know me, you know I would never ever go near these colours, but there is something about this design (and the general temperature of most of the coffee shops I frequent) that has me loving this shawl. So much so my notes for this design are covered with ♥s (also something that I don’t normally do in my written notes). I love the play of texture, colour, and garter stitch. I think it would be lovely in more penny-friendly colours as well.

Coffee Date Shawl by C.C. Almon

I highly recommend this collection!

Coffee with C.C.Coffee with C.C.
by C.C. Almon / JavaPurl Designs
ISBN: 978-0-9935586-0-3
Available digitally at ravelry and JavaPurl Designs.
Please check physical book availability.
Patterns are also available for individual purchase and digital download at ravelry.

The author provided a digital copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.

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