tips on projects for balance

It’s the time of year that often finds knitters and crocheters frantic and stressed. Holiday deadlines can affect the most diligent of planners. I’m going to suggest something bizarre — I think that you can and should add one more project during this time. When it’s the right type of project worked at specific times, it can help you feel more refreshed and able to push through to meet a deadline.


I believe strongly that rest is as important as work and it’s important to find that magical balance. Keeping a second project near at hand to work on after an intense session provides time for both brain (and fingers) to rest. It also keeps you in a similar mindset so that you don’t have to worry about being sidetracked by attention residue.


Please remember that self care isn’t selfish. In addition to being active during breaks a different and special project to work on is important too. I like to segment my sessions using the Pomodoro Technique and work on the special project during the long breaks.


The projects I choose will likely differ from yours. In my case, I need it to provide contrast to whatever my deadline project is. For example, if the project is over 200 stitches per row, then I will chose to take my breaks on a project with a smaller stitch count! I want something that I can work on and it doesn’t matter if a stitch is accidentally decreased or split. (It happens to everyone.) This is when my socks get knitted or I add to my granny square blanket.

I hope these tips help you find balance for your knitting and crochet deadlines.

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