self care & big projects

It’s important in the midst of big projects and looming deadlines to take short breaks to prevent burnout (and creator fatigue error). As Abby Glassenberg writes in her newest article for Sew News, perhaps it’s time to move away from the term selfish crafting. I’m facing multiple deadlines this week, the time changed, and we also prepared for the third nor’easter in ten days (it mostly missed my area, we only saw 3 inches of snow this morning the remaining trees and I are thankful). Mentally I’m beat. I made sure to take time for myself early this morning and am snuggled in with a cat tonight.

My Seven Favourite Self Care Ideas

(can also double as productive procastination as necessary)

    Buddy naps as I swatch.

  • Go for a walk in the woods.
  • Scrub the bathroom (or the stove) — honest! I always feel better when it’s clean.
  • Read a chapter of a book I’ve been meaning to read.
  • Make my favourite comfort food for dinner.
  • Wind yarn for a project I’ve been wanting to work on.
  • Spin or weave for a few minutes.
  • Sketch and doodle with my watercolours. I don’t make as much time for this as I should.

What’s your favourite self care idea?

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