technique tuesday: weaving in ends

I planned to do a nice tutorial about weaving in ends for both knit and crochet this week, using my granny log cabin as my example. Unfortunately mother nature had other plans, a nor’easter has blown through and getting decent photos proved impossible. When I tried again this afternoon because the light seemed better, Shadow had other plans for my lap.

black cat sitting on crochet blanket

While I know it’s a good idea not to procrastinate weaving in ends, I always seem to leave this step to last. If you ask to look at anything I’ve knit for myself, chances are the ends are not woven in (especially for my socks).

Black cat on a white/grey/yellow pillow inspecting the light blue-green edging on a granny log cabin blanket.

On my next granny log cabin I hope to weave in ends as I go, join squares as I go, and write up my own tutorial of the process, but in the meantime here are a few I found to help you weave in the ends for your crochet and knit projects.

If you are looking for additional tips specially on the Granny Log Cabin Blanket, Miriam has written up a few helpful tips.

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