current spinning progress

After the rush of Spinzilla, I’ve been savoring slow spinning. At least once a week on Tuesdays, I try to spin and focus on technique for at least 15 minutes. If I get more spinning in during the week or even that day, great! If not, I’m finding that even with just 15 minutes a week, some of the technique I’d lost is returning.

On my wheel is the rest of the Happy Fuzzy Polwarth in Gorge that I had started for spinzilla. This time I pre-drafted differently, by stripping the fiber.

I’m testing a new spindle from Akerworks. While it’s very different from the type of spindle I normally use, I’m having fun spinning up some mystery wool fiber. There are still a few things to work out for production and shipping so look for them soon.

You can learn more about different ways to prepare fibre for spinning at the following links:

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