Spinzilla 2014!

My spinning time is short this week, but this is my Spinzilla progress for team Happy Fuzzy Yarn as it stands at noon on Wednesday. I hope to get a little bit more spindling in before 3pm, but I’m doubtful it will be much. I initially thought I could accomplish spin quite a bit more in three days but it was not to be.

On the wheel is an Akerworks bobbin and some Polwarth by Happy Fuzzy Yarn in Gorge. I spun up about half of the braid and chain plied it this morning. My Golding Spindle (purchased 2009) features local wool project by Happy Fuzzy Yarn in Sea Monster and is being chain plied on the fly.

Overall I’ve had a blast and re-fell in love with chain plying on the fly with my spindle. Congrats to everyone spinning and all the hard work behind the scenes that helped make this event happen.

Update 3:25 PM: final count is 16 yards from my spindle and 60 yards from the wheel. That makes my spinzilla credit 304 yards.

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