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I discover many interesting things during my internet travels. On occasion, I’ll gather up a few and share them with you here. There will be links to tutorials, designs, interesting handmade items or supplies, really anything that caught my eye. I also post many of my internet discoveries to tumblr and pinterest.

I’m a fan of mending and wearing clothing as long as possible. My favourite wool clogs are approaching their 17th year and still going strong and wearing their patches with pride. I wear my socks very hard and often put off mending until it’s too late, but then I chop them up and turn the toes and cuffs into cat toys and lavender/cedar sachets. If you want to learn to darn, this photo tutorial by Tom van Deijnen is great.

Earlier this year, my friend Miriam Felton introduced me to shadow short rows when I test knitted her footie socks. She just released a new Shadow Wrap video tutorial to help you learn this great technique.

pompomFrom your toes to your top, it’s also hat season. What better way to finish off your topper than with a creative pompom or three? While I’ve successfully made pompoms with cardboard guides for years, Clover’s pompom makers make it much easier!

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