September’s Current Projects

While I am still at the keyboard for long stretches of time, some progress has been made on a few projects.

Are you registered for Spinzilla yet? You can join a team or spin rogue. I’ve been practicing by finding extra moments in my day to spin. On my wheel, I finished up some special BFL that was in my stash for a long time and just started a braid of Happy Fuzzy Yarn merino in Cobalt. I’ve also been working on my spindle (chain) ply on the fly, i’m improving on my technique, it’s getting faster and easier. I really love how my yarn is looking.

Yesterday while in the city for a client meeting and a quick trip to the DMV (yes, I was out in 25 minutes!) I stopped by MJ Trim to pick out buttons for a design I sketched in some very lovely Mrs Crosby Train Case. It’s normal — for me at least — to stand in the store and swatch button holes so I can see how they actually work with my fabric. I’m excited to see this particular design come together.


I am putting a final touches on a few designs. My coloured pencils are out and I’m sketching and swatching for a even more. Hopefully soon there will be something new to show!

What are you working on?

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