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Occasionally I gather links of interest and together in one post instead of just sharing on social media. Here are a few that recently caught my attention.

While how we use sticks and string to create fabric has not changed in centuries, the textile and crafts business definitely has. Here are a few links that highlight how the internet has refashioned this business.

Earlier this week, Abby Glassenberg posted that Craftsy Potentially to Launch Fabric and Yarn Lines. The CEO of Craftsy replied with Craftsy Responds: An Open Letter from CEO John Levisay. A few years ago, Kim Werker penned this great article on The Fair, the Unfair and the Ugly: Working for Free and Working for Pay.

Spoonflower received $25M in funding to continue growing.

In a different approach to funding, Knitty launched a Patreon campaign to help keep the magazine free and help fund improvements to the site. Amy just passed their second milestone Congrats! Let’s help Amy, Jillian, and Kate hire an Editorial Assistant/Project Manager!

Ending on a more creative note, Franklin Habit just announced a new project with Skacel, called Fridays with Franklin. This is a great project with the best ingredients: Franklin Habit, Skacel, and of course the most important: ideas. The first post is up now and we’ll have to wait two more weeks for the next one. Franklin will post about what happens when he plays with what Skacel makes. In his words: “There will be knitting, crochet, weaving, felting, and anything else my overly twisted little personage can dream up. There will be stuff that works, and stuff that doesn’t, and (I hope) a great deal of fun.” I’m looking forward to this new series and hope that the process Franklin shares will help influence me to stop showing only the projects that work but also the paths along the way and the ones that didn’t or the ones that come out very different than when first designed.

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