March’s Current Projects

With Ayrton now available, what projects am I working on?

First up is a sample knit in very delightful Anzula luster, in colourway Lottie. It’s an easy lace pattern, once you work a few repeats it’s easy to read so it’s good knitting while listening to audiobooks.

Next is a sample crochet of Lindsey Stephens/Poetry in Yarn’s new Simply Classic Mitts in yummy Stitch Sprouts Yellowstone.

Once I finish those projects, there are a few Happy Fuzzy Yarn designs begging for my attention. I’m pretty sure that these two cakes of Merino Mono will become a pair of two-colour fingerless mitts.

There are a few other designs, but they don’t have photos yet.

I’m still spinning each week, at least on Tuesdays. I’ve been trying to spindle while I wait for hot water to boil or as rewards between tasks. I’m in love with my Akerworks mini spindle and the Anzula baby camel.

There are also two personal projects I’ve been working on when I catch a spare moment or two.

First is Jill Wolcott‘s great design, the Meath Pullover & Mitts. What’s brilliant is that you swatch by knitting the mitts! I love the practical swatch! I’m knitting this in Happy Fuzzy Yarn DK Merino (colourway Chrysocolla) and you can follow my progress at Ravelry.

I’m also taking moments here and there to finally upgrade my project bag doodles. I plan to turn each bag into stickers to paste in my various notebooks so I can more easily track my projects. I wrote about the project last week over at Penguin Girl.

What projects are you working on?

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