Introducing Ayrton


Classic and understated, this top-down knit lace poncho captures every shade in the Opal colourway and highlights the gem-like shine from the tussah silk and merino blend of Anzula’s Croquet. It is easy to customize to a longer or shorter length.

I find it fitting to introduce you to this design on International Women’s Day. Why?

The stitch design pays tribute to Hertha Marks Ayrton, an electrical engineer, feminist, physicist, and inventor.

Ayrton, detailIn 1899 she became the first woman to read a paper (“The Hissing of the Electric Arc”) at the The Institution of Electrical Engineers. In 1906, the Royal Society awarded her the Hughes Medal, and in 1915 she invented the Ayrton Fan that British troops used in WWI to protect against poison gas in the trenches.

For more information about Ayrton, please see:

The pattern is available for $6 and immediate download at ravelry | craftsy | etsy.

Next week I’ll write up a bit more about the design. Enjoy!

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