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Ben Weatherstaff's FriendAs I mentioned in my recent newsletter, this is the summer of KALs!

Two friends of Little Acorn Creations, Cooperative Press and What (Else) Would Madame Defarge Knit? are hosting many knit-alongs (aka KALs) this summer.

What is a knit-along? They’re a way to help you stay motivated while knitting a project, find support when you get stuck, and just have fun. They happen either in person at a yarn store, or a knit group, or online in discussion forums.

Cooperative Press KALs are running to August 31st, covering many of the books they’ve published, and you could be entered to win a prize drawing! For most KALs you can work on any project from the book (some authors have selected specific projects). You don’t need to start on July 1st, but you do need to finish by August 31st to be included in the prize drawing. Please see this page for details, links to purchase the books, and links to the KALs in the Cooperative Press Ravelry Group.

There are many great options and only so few hours available for knitting. I might just toss potential projects into a hat so I can actually choose one!

Madame Defarge posted a schedule of all the KALs for the book in a recent newsletter. These are of a more laid back nature with no prizes being awarded for finishing first or long after the official dates of the hosted nature of the KAL ends.

The KAL for Ben Weatherstaff’s Friend will begin next May, 2014. I know that’s far away, in the meantime, please join me in the KALs that interest you for lovely designs from What Would Madame Defarge Knit? and Cooperative Press designers.

Current WWMDFK? KALs I’m participating in:

Let’s knit along together this summer!

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