In Progress (02 July 2021)

Since May we’ve been dealing with several family medical issues behind the scenes. Yesterday, Shadow’s surgery for sarcoma was successful. He’s now home and resting, when he’s not removing his cone and trying to escape from his recovery space. It’s been a lot at once and impacted my progress on everything. Please be patient!

New Pattern Release – Northern Lights Wrap

Yesterday saw the release of my newest crochet design with the Artyarns Inspiration Club. The northern lights inspired colorway influenced my design as well.

It starts with the center motif and is worked in the round for a bit then opens to the mesh pattern. Each side is worked side to side. I hope you can see the influence in the swirls of the aurora borealis.

Fun fact about the photoshoot. I had super bad luck trying to photograph this shawl. We took these on Wednesday when the heat index was about 100°F. It was a few degrees cooler in the trails, but not by much.

Spinning & Play

I’m still spinning the silk hankies. Each one is easier, and I can see improvement. When I have a few more small skeins they’ll meet the natural dyes I prepared. I’m also working on some other fibers at my wheel. I have to find a good chair to use outside when the weather is nice.

Next Designs

I have several patterns I need to finish writing and editing. To help, I’m taking Edie Eckman’s course, Crochet Pattern Writing Workshop (or via this affiliate link if you’re inclined). Edie’s a great teacher and also an amazing (patient) tech editor. This self-paced course is helping me think more clearly about not only about how I write my crochet and knit patterns, but how I communicate in general.

There are two designs where I want the patterns to be as size-inclusive as possible while keeping what makes them a fun knit. One is the shawl-poncho design in Oink Pigments I’ve been working on for over a year. I finally figured out how to fix my grading issue in theory but haven’t had time to work out the math. The other is the Transposon vest in LGF Suris. I knew when I first designed it, I was in a bit over my head in the pattern writing department. I’ve figured it out and I hope to work on editing the pattern soon.

There are always more swatches, and a few have already grown into shawls. Hopefully getting those written up will happen soon, they’re fun quick projects I want to share with you.

But right now, I need to snuggle my cat.

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