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2014-09-05-childhood-crochet-hooksI’ve crocheted since I was a child. My mother and I disagree about when I first picked up a hook, but this set of hooks was a birthday gift while I was still in elementary school. It took me quite a few years to learn that one generally worked from a written set of instructions. This was in the days long before the internet was found in everyone’s home or pocket.

Today if I get stuck with a technique or forget once again how to do a dc-foundation chain, I turn to google or YouTube. There are many resources out there. I watch almost all videos on mute, so I don’t know what the audio is, if any!

It wasn’t until I started doing some tech editing that I realized I didn’t own any crochet reference books. I purchased two technique books and a stitch dictionary to have on hand!

Do you have a favourite crochet resource either traditional (a book) or new (a website or video channel)? Please let me know what it is and why, I’m curious! Next week I plan to discuss some knitting resources that I rely upon.

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