continuing a new year of deeper work

A year ago, I embarked toward deeper work. While the year didn’t go exactly as I expected, I’m pleased with what I accomplished. I know the key to this was being mindful about how I spent my time and the tools I used for my business.

It was a surprise to me to open the @creativeacorns instagram account. Why did I do it? Honestly, I was testing something for a a client and it was easier to have an account of my own. Over the months, I found that I like this different way to share my designs and process.

What does that mean for 2019? I hope to craft a better content sharing plan that fits in with what I see as little acorn creations as it exists today and where I think it may go in the months and years to come.

January’s Plan for Creativity

January 2019, stack of swatches including Silk Day Dream (Artyarns), Lunaris, Ava, Luster (Anzula), and Tranquility (TSC-Artyarns)

January 2019, pile of swatches including Silk Day Dream (Artyarns), Lunaris, Ava, Luster (Anzula), and Tranquility (TSC-Artyarns)

January is about laying the groundwork for the rest of the year and working out scheduling. I plan to finally get the instructions for both Transposon and Mendelian to the tech editor. Then I need to take some photos and get the pattern ready for you. I’m working on lots of swatching, both for my Meet the Yarn posts for Anzula and working through other yarns.

Overall 2019 Creative Plan

Shadow with yarn

Shadow snuggled with yarn

I’ll be honest — I’m still working this out!

Here’s one way you can help me out — please either comment below or send a message. Do you prefer a all-in-one package that includes yarn, pattern, and needed extras (such as a tapestry needle and buttons)? Or do you like to purchase your patterns and yarn in the more traditional manner (aka a la carte).

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