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Working on Maths for LGF Suris projectIt’s the time of year when I am trying to finish all the projects on my hooks and needles. Why? The Summer TNNA Trade Show in Cleveland, Ohio this June–and the samples need to be ready to make their debut!

I have two designs for LGF Suris, a hat and a vest.

Shadow & LGF SurisThe weather is finally cooperating and it’s nice to be able to sit outside on my deck and work. It’s not yet too hot and humid to work with alpaca on my lap, but I’m also not bundled up freezing my fingers off. I need to work smart as the cats love the yarns I’m working with as much as I do. Shadow always sleeps extra close to me when I’m knitting with alpaca.

Shadow & Buddy helping me crochet an Anzula Squishy projectThere is also a crochet wrap in Anzula Squishy that plays with variations on a stitch and is worked from the center out.

If that weren’t enough I hope to complete a small little something for Oink Pigments combining their silk scarves and pigtails.

There are a few other projects I need to work on but with two weeks to go, I’m not sure if they’ll be ready in time.

Stay informed

I’m excited about these new designs and hope to finish the pattern writing and editing soon. I want you to be able to knit and crochet them. They’ve been fun to make and I hope others will find them enjoyable too. Please make sure to join my mailing list or follow me on social media (new Instagram account, Twitter, or Facebook)

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