comfort foods, comfort projects

I won’t deny that it’s been a rough week. I’ve found my tips on project selection from last week very helpful. Most of the meals I’ve made are those that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and I’m choosing similar projects.

What projects am I finding comfort in?

I’m weaving more. The warp on my loom has numerous issues and I kept trying to fix it and make it perfect. I finally decided to move forward and focus on weaving. I decided my next project and I am looking forward to applying the lessons I learned in this project to the next one.


I’m also spindling as much as I can. For the past two weeks, I’ve sat long hours at the computer finishing a project months in the making that in its own small way I hope will make a difference and improve lives. That isn’t good for my back. I love this Elemental Fiber Works spectrum. (Elemental Fibers in colourway spectrum on my mini Akerworks spindle)


I’m crocheting an edging to help me review both a product and a really good stitch dictionary, and as a really big swatch. It’s a difficult project to work on when the cats cuddle in for snuggles, and this foundation round is incredibly satisfying (and easy).


I’ve also started a small project I’ve thought about for years, but never quite started. I don’t quite know if it will work out as I planned, but starting it, despite being in the middle of a huge deadline was exactly what I needed this week.


I’m a shy introvert and have historically skewed toward subtlety in my advocacy. I will continue to do so on my business pages. If you want to see it all, please follow me on twitter as @pennyshima, read my personal blog, Penguin Girl, or at my tumblr page. Be kind.

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