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While I’m not participating in #yearofmaking this year, I decided to join the #yarnlovechallenge for February.

What is this challenge?

It’s a daily photo challenge with yarn-themed prompts from @maryheatherb & @oharethey. There’s also a Ravelry group if that appeals to you.

Day 1: Intro & Day 2: Close-up


I missed the community around my daily posts (not that I wasn’t posting multiple times a day anyway). It’s February, this is always a rough month because winter tends to hit here in the NYC area and everything is white and cold.

Day 9: Tools


Every day or so I’ll post in response to the prompts. I’m trying to give myself the ability to be flexible and combine days if I want. That is how I’m making this a personal challenge. When I did #yearofmaking I posted every.single.day. I kept track of each number and wanted to have 365 (or 366) separate entries. This perfectionism (and stress of figuring out what to post) is what made the third year so difficult for me. The personal permission and freedom I’ve granted myself to combine two (or even three) days in a row is empowering and frankly stirring my creativity. Can I figure out a way to combine days 15 (family) with 16 (happy colour)? I have some ideas. I have an idea for this weekend and days 18 (gratitude) and 19 (on the go).

Day 10: Oldest Stash

Want to join in?

It’s not too late! Say hi and join us.

Day 14: Yarn Love

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