today’s tip: tracking the tapestry needle

I’ve tried various methods over the years to keep track of my tapestry needles. Nothing helped no matter how cute the packaging was. I never seemed to have a tapestry needle when I needed one. I’d often walk around the house with one stuck in my sleeve.

Years ago I started pinning spare coil-less safety pins to my project bags. I always seem to need extra and with it attached I knew I’d have a spare for that project when I needed it.

I’ve kept spare lengths of yarn around the house & car to be ready when I needed to hold stitches, a provisional cast-on, or act as a life line. My foster kittens always seemed to know where I hid them (in drawers that they were then determined to open) so that wasn’t the safest solution.

About a year ago I finally realized the simplest most effective solution for me: combine all three!

I thread some crochet cotton (about a yard) through a tapestry needle, tie it in a bow, loop the thread around my fingers, and pin through the eye of the needle and the yarn bundle to the inside of my project bag.

Simple. Effective. And safe for my foster kittens.


Yarn show: Happy Fuzzy Corrie Sock in Seaglass (for a penny-colour friendly Trecolori Shawl)
Foster kittens shown: Cassie and Maddie.

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