sample swatch

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this is a sample swatch. This post is used for testing.

  • Craft: Knit
  • Yarn/fiber: something in the right color, weight, fiber … and that is magically wound and doesn’t tangle.
  • Tool: 3.75 mm sample tool
  • Technique/Stitch: My first stitch dictionary, the pink book by Mary Thomas.
  • Size: 36 sts. approximately 20cm x 20 cm!
  • Preblock gauge: haven’t measured yet
  • Blocked gauge: need to block
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Notes about the yarn:

this is for the yarn. it’s nice. Many things in my stash are nice.

I can do an inline image

two open white boxes on a rug. They are each full of different size balls of fingering weight yarns. In one they are all shades of greens, the other is for purple. There is a small bit of green washi tape on the box with green yarn.

Notes about the swatch:

formatting if I code things this way allow for bold, italics, strikethrough, here’s a link, and more.

Need to figure out layout and formatting.

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