Premier Home Cotton TSS

  • Craft: Crochet
  • Yarn/fiber: Premier Home (85% cotton, 15% Polyester; 96 yds/88m; 1.94oz 55g) in colorway 44-20 Grey Splash
  • Tool: 6.5
  • Technique/Stitch: TSS
  • Size: 6in/15.25cm x 5.75in/14.5cm (pre block)
  • Preblock gauge: 3.25 SPI
  • Blocked gauge: tbd
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Notes about the yarn:

I feel that the yarn is plied looser than my standard kitchen cotton, I worked some up and sent it off as a gift about a year ago. Haven’t hard how it performed. This is swatch is destined to life in my sink and I’m curious how it’ll hold up. I like the molted effect and that’s probably why I picked up this colorway.

Notes about the swatch:

It doesn’t curl much at this tension. Nice drape. Not sure what the heck I did in the middle section (the bulge at the left) but I like the way it came out.