summer swatching plans, part two

As I mentioned last week, the Business and Creative Services membership section held a networking event during the TNNA Trade Show last month. Several generous sponsors pitched in to help make the get together a little bit extra special. I’m excited to try some yarns I’ve had my eye on for a while that are outside what I commonly work with. Additionally, several will provide an additional creative challenge as they are outside colour families I generally gravitate toward.

In addition to these yarns there was a minute weaver loom from Purl & Loop that I plan to use to help with some swatching (aka sampling) that I hope to talk about in detail in a few weeks.

I’ll go clockwise around the mosaic image, starting in the upper left.

LGF Suris Yarns

This is a beautiful sample of Suri Sock, a 3-ply fingering weight blend of Suri Alpaca, Wool, and Nylon. I haven’t weighed it to estimate how much yarn I have, but I think this will work up into nice warm yet lightweight winter accessories. Perhaps a pair of mittens?

Takhi Yarns

For reasons unknown, I’ve never worked with Takhi’s Cotton Classic or Cotton Classic Lite. I’m unsure how exactly I will work with these two skeins, I don’t often work with yarn constructed this way though I do like it. Will I work the two weights together or separately? I have a few mixed-craft ideas, think blends of knit and crochet, or weaving with crochet. Time will tell.

Wonderland Yarns

This sample of Wonderland Yarns looks to have quite a bit of bounce. I had meant to stop by their booth during the show to see other colour examples though this skein just makes me happy. (Which is weird because yellow is not a colour I like!)


Honestly, I laughed when I pulled this skein of Luster out of my bag. It’s very similar to Croquet (as seen in Ayrton), a 50:50 blend of Superwash Merino and Tussah Silk, but I hadn’t felt confident to try designing with it. I think perhaps because it makes me think of delicate lace shawls. I’m going to need to swatch to think outside the box for the skein and I’m curious where it takes me.


I’ve worked with Gems for personal projects in the past, and I like how the yarn works in a variety of stitches. This may become something with brioche or it may not. I’ve wanted to try EUROFLAX Sport for a very long time. There are so many possibilities for this one skein I may write them all out and pick something out of a hat!

Do you wish there was a certain type of design in one of these yarns? Please let me know!

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  1. What size loom did you get? I think the Takhi wants to be a slip-stitch or mosaic cowl (if you have enough) or hat. Nice contrast!


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