summer swatching plans, part four (weaving)

As a new weaver, my summer swatching plans are simple. They likely also sound familiar, as with spinning, I want to better understand how I create different fabrics.

Current questions include but are not limited to: What happens if I weave at a different sett (gauge)? What if I beat differently? Can I weave leno with this combinations? How does this colour combination work as warp and weft and what happens if I switch?

Yes, I’ve read a bit about weaving over the years but theory is not practice. This is something I need to do and create with my own hands to properly understand.


Braid of Anzula Superwash Merino Top in Colourway Earth and Squishy in colourway Aqua

a pairing of anzula: super fine merino top and squishy

Remember the combination from last week?

I have a plan for pairing this braid of Australian Superfine Merino Top (in colourway Earth) with Squishy in Aqua.

After I get the sample spun, I’ll work on the woven swatch.

I’m most curious to see if the spinning and weaving I see in my head is what I actually make!

2 skeins of anzula meridianDuring TNNA I fell in love with this combination of Meridian (Sexy and Dark Matter). An experienced weaver cautioned that I will find it difficult to weave, however I’m determined to try it. Once I wind the 1,624 yards of lace weight tencel, alpaca, and nylon blend, I’m going to weave a sample. This is challenging because I just want to warp it and get weaving. However, I want to be more systematic and improve in my weaving practice. In my head (and notebooks) I have an idea of what will happen. Will my experiment be a success or a teachable moment?

But wait, that’s not all. Jill Wolcott is writing for the Anzula blog and explaining how their various yarns (Milky Way & Breeze have been explored so far) behave in knit fabric.

sample weaving anzula milky wayI wove some Milky Way several the years ago on a Zoom Loom, and I’m eager to try different setts and weaving patterns. Who knows, you might read a familiar voice at Anzula soon.

Purl and Loop

My sampling/swatching is helped by two new Purl & Loop looms in my toolbox. It began a year and a half ago with the Swatch Maker 3-in-1 Weaving Loom, a loom I like very much. The other two include the Minute Weaver (F16) that I received as design support, and two bracelet looms I purchased at TNNA. I’m really excited about how these will help me as a weaver.

Daily Practice

The bracelet loom is as easy for me to carry as the minute weaver, so I hope to always have a swatch of something in my bag. That should make my #wednesdaysareforweaving posts to Instagram even easier. I hope that frequent sampling will help move my plans for new weaving projects forward. I’ve received many compliments on my simple cowl and I am eager to weave more!

a note…

As I was finalizing this post last week, I learned of the loss of someone my mother loved who I also cared deeply for. That lead to massive change, she is staying by me temporarily while she heals from hip replacement surgery and we figure out her next chapter. I honestly don’t know what that means for all my summer swatching plans. Please donate blood or platelets if you can or make a donation to the American Heart Association. Thank you.

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