storage solutions

I have a large collection of stoles, shawls, scarves, and cowls I’ve knitted (and purchased) over the years.

For a very long time, I didn’t have an organized way to keep them and they were a large pile of mess. It saddened me because after taking hours to carefully knit an item I just dumped it in a pile like a teenage boy.

In early 2012 I asked the internet for suggestions and started thinking, researching (Ikea trip!), and sketching ideas.

That June I came up with this solution.


It was a huge improvement but there was a problem.

It didn’t really let me easily see what I had or pull out a new shawl when I needed it. I also put too much on one of them and it eventually broke from the weight.

This past weekend I went into the workshop and built version 2.0. It’s not perfect either, but as for right now it’s a huge improvement.


I think version 3 will be a mix of pegs and bars. The triangular shawls are tricky to store.

I still need to design a better solution for mittens and hats.

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