stitching to sounds

It’s the time of year when I know many are trying to finish crafting projects before a holiday deadline. I like to listen to audio when I’m working, it helps me to focus. Today I thought I’d gather a few of my favorite listens. I last wrote about this topic in 2018, here’s my listen list updated for 2020!

What I listen to depends completely on what I’m working on. A simple stitch/pattern repeat I can work on while listening to words, more complex designs find me listening to instrumental only tracks.

I often hit pause — counting stitches needs my full attention!

The biggest change to my listening habits is that my library has a subscription to freegal music. This service lets me stream many different types of music.  A recent playlist I enjoy is Ambient Textures there’s only a track or two with words. I also go through lots of classical music, please don’t ask me to choose one!

Audiobooks have been a challenge lately I think due to my current reading habits, as with everything else in 2020 they’ve changed. While working on the High Sierra Shawl for LGF Suris, I finally gave SPQR a listen. Lots of garter stitch and an eighteen-hour audiobook paired well together.

I have no idea why I haven’t been listening to podcasts (thanks 2020), the teasers I’ve seen for LeVar Burton Reads have me looking forward to the next time I can press play.

I also often listen to the radio; I am a long-time fan of WQXR.

What do you enjoy listening to while you stitch?

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