speedier swatch experiments

Last week I borrowed a knitting machine and I’m enjoying new (and faster) swatch experiments.

First there was some wool.

Knitting machine

Then there was some much needed maintenance on the carriage (along with lots of youtube viewing).

Now that things are moving along much smoother, I am working through my stash and catching up on gifts as I learn the ins and outs of the machine. I discovered that because it’s very easy to create panels of equal length, it’s very straightforward and simple to practice mattress stitch.

Seaming a machine knitted panel

I find applying crochet edgings enjoyable, but knitting or crocheting the body of a shawl isn’t always as exciting. It took me about 15 minutes to make this approximate 12″ x 6′ scarf that I’m now designing a border for.

lace machine knitted panel waiting for crochet border

The speed in which I can experiment with yarn and knitted stitches now allows me to do things I never would have the courage to do previously. Such as toss some swatches in my washing machine to see what happens.

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