Slow spins

After spinzilla, I like to focus on slow spins. Why? I enjoy the process and working through the lessons I learned during the week of intense spinning.

What did I learn?

I have a default spin setting. I haven’t completed a WPI calculation on my yarn yet, but I believe it’s quite similar to last year.

I’ve decided to embrace this current characteristic of my spinning.

What am I spinning slow?

First up is Elemental Fibers in colourway spectrum on my mini Akerworks spindle. My goal is to make it through the red section by the end of this year.

Elemental Fiberworks & Akerworks mini spindle

Next is spinning through 245 grams of fiber from Bartlettyarns. I purchased it at Maryland a few years ago. This first skein is 126 yards. My goal is to spin consistently and match this initial spin.

Bartlettyarns spinning

I’m trying to limit my active spinning projects, though I’m also trying to expand my spinning repertoire. A few months ago I began to spin this Happy Fuzzy Yarn batt on one of my neglected beginner spindles. I really disliked spinning them as they’re large, but I wanted to try to spin a different yarn than my default. While I did ok for the first yard or two, I quickly defaulted to my standard spin. Tonight I switched to my 13g tiger maple featherweight bosworth spindle (purchased in 2008) and quickly settled into a more enjoyable spin. It will be chain plied.

Standard spinning & Batt

How was my Spinzilla?

To my complete surprise, my 2016 Spinzilla was equivalent to last year. I’m happy as it means I am spinning more efficiently as my total credit yardage was the same.

PSG 2016 Spinzilla results

What’s the plan for all this handspun?

Stay tuned! I expect a few of my recent skeins will soon be up in a shop to look for new homes. If you’d like to be one of the first to know when they’re available, please sign up for my monthly mailing list, it arrives to your inbox on the last Thursday of each month.

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