onward. together.

It will take me a while to completely process Saturday’s march and the national and global sister marches. The power I felt Saturday night looking at photos, I’m not sure how to describe that feeling. I don’t have the right words yet and that’s ok.

While Saturday’s moment is now history, the movement needs us to continue the momentum.


psg's go high hatKeep making. While I chose to make my hat brown with pink ears so I can wear it for the next many years of advocacy for humans and felines, I’ve had several requests for pussy hats. I’m using a variation on the theme and knitting Jill Wolcott’s version which is knit in the round, following her Go High Hat Recipe. There are many additional variations, if you would like more traditional shaping I recommend looking at Knitting as a Political Act by Donna Druchunas. There are many additional resources, but this is a good place to start. If you don’t yet knit or crochet, ask someone to teach you!

Women’s March, January 21, 2017. Photo: Kay Gardiner.

Keep talking. There are discussions about how diversity and inclusion could have happened differently and is also why the marches were peaceful. We need to have these talks. They will not be comfortable. They will not be easy. If anyone has a good link for primer/productive discussions, please let me know. For now, Jessica Williams talks about the huge wake-up call from her mother about black womanhood.

Women's March Mosiac of pussy hats from Ravelry.com

Women’s March Mosiac of pussy hats from Ravelry.com

Keep calling. Introvert? Have social anxiety? There are now many scripts and helpful tools. How to call your reps when you have social anxiety is the first guide I found. There’s now also now 10 Actions for the first 100 Days.

stronger together with love we can resist

Women’s rights are human rights.

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