making for Muppet

As you know, I volunteer with my local humane society. They know I’m a maker. I’ve been slowly working on a few projects for them that I’ll talk about soon and I was thrilled the other day when asked if I could make something to help a very special puppy out.

Meet Muppet.

She came to NRHS back in August after being removed by a local police department for neglect (quite an understatement). She has undergone numerous surgeries and is doing incredible. She’s an inspiration. She has love for everyone and is receiving lots of love and care by everyone at the humane society. I know when I stop by the first thing I do is peer over the front desk and ask “How’s Muppet”?

When she started to feel a bit better she was provided with a wheel chair to help her move around and it’s the most wonderful thing in the world to watch her. I don’t know who was more excited that first day, Muppet or everyone watching her!


She’s now starting to gain some strength in her back legs and we want her to use them more. She still needs support, so she has graduated to a sling that a caregiver holds and helps her walk around.

The sling is an unforgiving nylon that was digging into her tender body.

They asked me if I could possibly do anything to make it softer for her.

Of course!

This is what I quickly made up for her. It’s not the pretty or elegant cover I want to make (the engineer in me wants to make it much improved), but it’s there for her right now. I took some fleece and foam I had and sewed it up quick. I want to make something that’s easy to launder, but wanted to get something for her as quickly as I could. I gave it to her last night after attending a TNR seminar offered by Alley Cat Allies.


I think she likes it and I hope she continues to heal and gain strength and happiness. If you would like to help support New Rochelle Humane Society, please consider making a donation today! Thank you.

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