knitting with kittens

It’s foster kitten season and that means I need to be good and take care of my tools and yarn.


Kittens are curious and like to test everything with their teeth and paws.

They’re why I prefer interchangeable needles. It’s easier to replace the part(s) they taste tested.

Kittens are why I have many many project bags.. and why at least once a season I have a good reminder why I should always use one!

I came home tonight with two small balls of a merino/cashmere blend yarn sitting near the top of my Tom Bihn Swift. While I own many project bags, I didn’t bother with this yarn — I had plans to begin swatching it shortly after I came home.

I set my bag on the floor and went to pick up the mail. In less than 60 seconds, my current foster kitten Dot decided to show her curiosity and creativity.

tangled yarn on wood floor and kitten walking toward camera

mostly rewound yarnI’ve now untangled about ninety percent of the ball and instead of swatching tonight, I am writing this post. It’s not kitten’s fault. She’s a good kitten who has settled in well.

Number one rule when knitting★ with kittens

Put your tools away.

Kittens are curious. Even a moment can be a disaster!

★ really anything you do near kittens. I liked the alliteration tonight.

Yes, Dot is a cute one!

tux kitten lounging on a chair

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