in progress (15 January 2021)

It’s been a while since my last update about the projects I’m working on. I’m trying to process the events of the past several … are they only days? I have a few additional curve balls to juggle so today’s post will be rely more on pictures than words.

First — Finished!

I completed the LGF Suris sample of Romi’s (Rosemary Hill) High Sierra Shawl. It’s lovely and the greens make me happy. If you’d like to order the yarn to make your own, sets are available!

High Sierra Shawl sample.

In Progress Design: Oink Pigments

It’s still in progress. I have a few more edits to complete before it’s polished and ready. It’s definitely closer! On one of the last nice days before winter set in, we took photos in a local nature preserve and this gorgeous hawk made sure everyone was wearing masks and social distancing.

Hawk enjoying a beautiful autumn afternoon in the nature preserve.

Here’s a quick peek of the design, the yarn is Oink Pigments Dapper (100% Superwash Merino) 205 yd (187 m) 4 oz (113 g) in the “Random Carp” colorway.

Person wearing a mask & a handknit poncho, about 3 inches of yoke is seen (photo is cropped). They are standing in front of a concrete embankment that is covered in moss and graffiti.

In progress

I’ll be honest — I’m ignoring most everything. Since last Wednesday I’ve worked on simple projects that may never be more than something I knit for myself. Unfortunately, they’re not photogenic right now.

I’ve (gasp) not swatched anything!

There are two WIPs that require my complete and utter focus, which means I’ve not worked them on them at all since early January. I’m knitting Fox Paws by Xandy Peters in silk as a gift for a good friend. I set it aside a year ago and to remind myself how to work the stacked stitches, I started a second in wool. I hope to get back to working on them soon. It’s a lovely design and once the first repeat is complete it’s much easier to read and work on.

I am knitting with a modified k5tog because I found in the silk it’s too painful for me to work successfully. I’m doing sl2 kwise, k3tog tbl, psso.

The studio reorganization after last year’s renovation of my space is still ongoing. It may look tidy, but it’s disorganized! Many things got jumbled together so I could move them and still haven’t been found. I know my seam ripper is somewhere.

sewing table with lots of stuff neatly piled and stacked.

During the last week of December most of the yarn finally got sorted, but there’s quite a bit still to go. I’d like to sit at the sewing table without having to move all of those tote bags of files and mending.

Desk with dual monitor setup. It looks neat and tidy, but it's still not organized.

My desk area is the most organized but there are little items I’ve been unable to find. They’re not critical for my daily work and I know they’ll turn up eventually.

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