Hello, again, world.

While most of my planning and goal setting happens in the autumn, I often use the new calendar year as a time to make small changes for my business. This year’s shift is to meet the modest goal of flexibility and finding new ways to adapt during this continued and prolonged period of change and uncertainty. To do so I’m going to return to creating new fiber art while I finalize a few long-promised patterns.

Why the shift in focus? The current expectations for knitting and crochet patterns are not sustainable. Each pattern requires significant time and resources; it’s hard to make that happen in a sustainable manner for a $6 pattern that sells only a dozen copies a year. What will I do instead?  I plan to return to creating small fiber art sculptures and jewelry.

 I love to create and enjoy figuring out how to make yarn exist in freeform shapes. Here’s an example of a puppy I knit in 2011.

Poloraoid photo of a black spotted white dog sitting on a beach and the back of a tiny knitted version

If you’ve met me at an in-person event, it’s possible you’ve seen examples of my necklaces. They often include a found or remixed object, such as part of an old decommissioned hard drive. I’m also exploring a collaboration with a local pottery artist. As soon as I have a few items finished I’ll add them to the shop.

Don’t worry, I’ll continue writing regular posts here and the monthly newsletter. I love sharing for free and know you may like to show your support. So, you can do so here. There’s no expectations on my part, but plenty of gratitude if you’re so inclined.

One crochet pattern design that is close to completion is a one-skein shawl ideal for 400m of a long-color-repeat/ombre dyed sport weight yarn. Dot’s been extra helpful as I work to finish the sample. I hope to release this by early February (two years later than planned).

tuxedo cat looking at a crochet hook and some crochet fabric

Update (13 January 2022): looking for this crochet design? It’s Strataterra.

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