giving thanks, giving back

It’s (always) that time of year. Thank you.

For those who have taken a few seconds to read a post or social media update, thank you. If you’ve then taken a few more moments to comment or react, thank you. To the knitters and crocheters who invested in one of my patterns, thank you. If you’ve actually knit or crocheted one of my designs, thank you.

What does your support of my work do? You allow me to continue creating. You help me help more foster kittens. It also allows me to find new ways to contribute to my community.

Two easy ways to start giving back

First: tell the authors/artists that you like their work and tell others about it. Buy legitimate copies of their work (or borrow from a library) then write a review to a book review website (or online store).

Second: Find a cause you believe in and become involved. Giving doesn’t always require money. You can start simple and small, share their message and donate a few dollars if you can. Your life will be changed for the better.

If you’d like to help two causes I care about, please consider a donation to Westchester Humane Society at New Rochelle or Yes She Can Inc.

Samantha’s cardigan was crocheted in Anzula Milkyway and I hope will be available soon in a range of sizes (after I rewrite the pattern, again).

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  1. Thank you Penny for featuring Yes She Can! (Samantha looks very modern in her jeans and hand made sweater.)
    In the philanthropy world we talk about the ways people an contribute: work, wealth and wisdom. You have contributed all three to Yes She Can. Thank you!


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