Gifts for creative individuals

It’s that time of year—you want to support your favorite makers and organizations during the holiday season. This year’s edition of this post is a revised and recycled regift. I’m cleaning up and revising all the posts I’ve written about this topic over the years and updating for the new world we live in.

First, Thank you

For those who have taken a few seconds to read one of my posts or social media updates, thank you. If you’ve then taken a few more moments to comment or react, thank you. To the knitters and crocheters who invested in one of my patterns, thank you. To those who have taken the time to knit or crochet one of my designs, thank you.

Gifts to give creative individuals

There are three gifts that I strongly believe the creative people in your life will appreciate and use:

  • Time.
  • Space.
  • Support.

Yes. These are difficult to wrap but that’s an incentive for you to be creative. While financial support helps artists to have the time and space to create, there are other ways you can help if your budget is tight.

Do they sell things? Buy their stuff!

Of course, if you can (and want) to buy something the creative in your life offers for sale, please do so!


Time is a finite resource, even more so when you want to meet a gift deadline. If you want to help a maker who is working on a deadline, take on some housework or errands. Assisting with cooking, cleaning, child/elder care, cleaning the litter box, etc. you get the idea.


My experience is that crafting needs evolve and yet the work area is the last to see updates.

Ask what would help make a crafting space more useful. This could be storage, lighting, or spending time helping to organize supplies.

Tool Upgrades (or maintenance). Ask if there’s a tool they’d love upgraded or needs some more TLC than they can do on their own.

I know I can never have too many notebooks. If you’re unsure what to get I highly suggest the quality of Rhodia and Clairefontaine notebooks. I happen to have a few in stock.


Be a friend. Art is often a lonely profession and the creative process can be rough. Set up a reoccurring date to chat with a friend and work hard so you don’t both back out.

Share & promote! It’s important to like/share/promote. I have brilliant friends and while I wish I could buy everything they make, realistically that isn’t possible. One way to help is to let the authors/artists know that you like their work and tell others about it. Buy legitimate copies of their work (or borrow from a library) and write a review to a book review website (or online store).

Say thank you. Is there someone in your creative community or even outside you find inspiring? Drop them a note, I personally think handwritten is best, but addresses aren’t always easy to find, so an email or contact form works too. Send a short note to let them know you appreciate their work and how it inspires or makes you smile.

Bonus: Donate

I’ve been seeing variations of: “did you buy extra stuff or clean out your closet earlier this year and now you don’t know what to do with it? Donate your things!”

No. By and large, please don’t. My mantra is this: Give Money, Give Time (and Social Media boosts), and only if you know the organization well (and have checked first) Give Stuff.

When a friend donates, it is beyond a humbling experience. While I highly recommend my local humane society, Westchester Humane Society at New Rochelle, find out what organization they care about and donate in their honor. Giving doesn’t always require money. You can start simple and small: share their message and donate a few dollars if you can.

Please help support independent businesses & artists. When monies are invested with them, they very often then turn around and help support others in their communities. I know that I do!

Best wishes for this holiday season.

a gift box wrapped in kraft paper and tied with a light blue bow. the background is a bokeh lights and light blue

This post is a 2021 update and consolidation of posts first written in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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