a favourite spinning tool: Akerworks mini spindle

When I want to spin, I’m more apt to pull out a spindle than schlep out everything I need to work at my wheel. Since I purchased my Akerworks mini spindle two years ago I spin with it often. With my explanation of tool choice, I thought I’d highlight why it has become one of my go-to-spindles.


Akerworks mini spindle with Anzula baby camel

I love small tools. When evaluating a spindle, I look for one that is easy to take everywhere. Portability is a key benefit of spindles. While I’ve streamlined my EDC over the years, and I like my tools to fit in as well. I chose a 5″ shaft and it’s absolutely great for me and how I spindle.

It’s also the right weight and the right weight balance for how I spin. I need a long spin to get in all the twist I need for the fine yarn I prefer to spindle. This is perhaps the first spindle I’ve had to stop so I could wind on and spindle more. That’s a nice long spin!


Akerworks mini spindle with Tom Bihn Sidekick.

I love beautiful wooden tools. I dream of turning my own. However, I prefer slender, small, and sleek tools; these are often fragile when made of wood. The Akerworks spindle shafts are carbon-fiber. While I’m sure it’s possible to destroy one, I have less fear of breakage than I do with my other spindles.

I am unconcerned taking this spindle out and about. After tucking it into my bag I’ve gone and spun (and dropped) it on concrete without worrying that it may shatter. My bags are abused by me and any feline in my house. I have confidence it will continue to put up with my maltreatment for a long time to come.


Elemental Fiberworks & Akerworks mini spindle

Elemental Fiberworks & Akerworks mini spindle.

My home is foster kitten friendly. They are curious and like to try new things, often with their teeth. The Akerworks manufacturing process is very different than for a hand turned spindle whorl. Being able to replicate and replace a part or tool is important to me. It is why I love interchangeable knitting needle sets.

If for some reason I tired of my grey lotus whorl, I could change it. Or if a kitten decided the shaft made a nice teething toy, I can replace it.

If I wanted to spin my singles and ply later, I could just swap in a new shaft but to be honest I’m still in love with chain plying. Instead of extra shafts, I’m trying to decide on my next acquisition, will it be a yarn caddy/lazy kate?

Together these are the three reasons that make me reach for this spindle over others.

Other spindles?

Mini turkish spindle with Anzula baby camel.

I keep a tiny turkish spindle on my desk for when I need a super quick spinning break. I keep a tiny turkish spindle on my desk for when I need a super quick spinning break. It’s a great size and despite its diminutive size it is durable. Therefore, I’m not as worried of breakage as with some of my other wooden top whorls. However, my preference right now now is to spin a top whorl.

Yes, I am still spinning the beautiful Elemental Fibers spectrum Rambouillet!

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